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Beston Carousel Rides

The Double Decker Carousel: A Timeless Classic

Nothing brings back the happiness of attending a fair or even an amusement park being a child compared to double decker carousels for kids. This fantasy ride reveals the enjoyment and whimsy in everyone who sees it. Whether you want to admire it, or jump on to get a spin, you can't go awry with adding anyone to your amusement park.

Double decker carousels draw crowds because the carousel is so ornate and interesting. With all the fantasy lights, and carved figures and music, these carousels are like works of art. These are definitely worth contributing to any amusement park and the expense of the ride will pay for itself.


Beston grand double decker carousel for sale


New double decker carousels can be purchased plus they look every bit as good since the antique ones. Lots of the carousels have Victorian scenery hence they still restore the memories of yesteryear. The carousels have fantasy carousel horses to ride on, cherubs, and chariots.

They are often ordered with a ribbon or a pie top, and although they aren't made with real wood such as the antique or vintage carousels, the simulated wood looks just as good and you also don't have to spend a whole lot to preserve it. Simulated wood is actually easy to maintain and merely has to be cleaned periodically. It doesn't must be painted again and again just like the real wood carousels.

The newer carousels feature non-slip floors or order all of them with aluminum tread plates which means you don't need to bother about any slip and fall accidents. The poles have brass sleeves so that they appear like the brass poles around the authentic carousels and they have ample lights to enchant anybody who sees or rides the carousel.



Beston amusement double deck carousel for sale

New carousels feature greaseless bearings and so they run electricity with a variable speed motor. Double decker carousels are specifically magical for youngsters. They go crazy as soon as they start to see the lit up carousel in motion. They enjoy arriving at choose what level they wish to ride on, whether it be the very best level or the bottom and then there tend to be long lines of folks waiting to have around the carousel as it is very popular.

Depending on what your financial budget is, some carousel companies allow you to add hand-crafted horses or spinning tubs that are in the shape of nests. These added features bring more magic towards the ride. There are also ADA compliant wheelchair accessible carousels which you could put in your theme park.

Imagine the joy that your particular riders will feel whenever they climb aboard the carousel and enter an enchanting, wonderland. They think delight because the ride starts to move and the music starts playing and that joy never goes away. Parents would like their kids to enjoy riding a double decker carousel as well.



Beston kiddie carousel for sale


When your amusement park doesn't have a double decker carousel, you will need to consider adding one. These are amazingly popular and will pay for themselves. They are often the first ride that kids want to be on.



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